/Construction Flooding on Upper W. Valerio?

Construction Flooding on Upper W. Valerio?

Do You’d like to’ve ever seen road grafitti, You understand every thing is religiously marked Based mostly on maps earlier than digging. Private contractors On A daily basis dial earlier than they dig as a Outcome of if you name the 811 quantity, The metropolis of SB has To return out and mark it for you. If the pipe Isn’t the place The metropolis map says or the place the metropolis map reader places the marking paint, the private contractor Isn’t liable. Its like free insurance coverage. So All of them do it. If the pipe is marked appropriately and the private contractor nonetheless hits it, its on them.
In my expertise, On The road It is typinamey The metropolis ‘s fault. Piplelines Inside the wooden are 50-50 fault as a Outcome of paint and flags get moved, coated and so on, the placeas road markings are painted on the asphalt

So as that leads me To imagine about