Construction stalls at RCPL’s main library


PEMBROKE – UNC Pembroke Probabilityllor Robin Gary Cummings joined completely different directors in applauding 92 staff For his or her yrs of service all by way of a luncheon on Thursday

Collectively, the group has devoted 1,175 yrs to the college, the state of North Carolina and, extra importantly, to The college students.

“That’s phenomenal. It’s an honor to be right here and to rejoice with you. Whether or not you’ve been right here 5 yrs or 25 yrs, I even Want to personally Thanks In your service and what you do Daily for this college and our college students.

Every worker was launched with a plaque, A current earlier than having their photograph taken with the chancellor.

“You are impacting the lives Of each completely different.” Cummings said. “You are impacting the lives Of college students — who, Collectively with your assist — can obtain their dream. You are influencing The subsequent period and durations To return. What you accomplish right here Daily and what you do, aprolongedside Collectively with your ardour for UNCP, makes a profound distinction Inside the lives of completely different people.”

After receiving her award As a Outcome of the one 35-yr recipient, Interim Provost Zoe Locklear was given a standing ovation for her life-prolonged dedication to the institution. Locklear, who recently introduced her retirement, served as the founding dean of The varsity of Education.

Five Years

Employees acknowledged for 5 yrs of service are: Shenna Christian, Lucinda Callahan, Wanda Monroe, Phyllis Smith, Chris Swett, Michael Bullard, Austin Sheppard, Joye Gibson, Jocelyn Graham, Joseph Howell Jr., Brittany Hunt Oxendine, Bobby Locklear, Mark Locklear, Kasey Jones, Jaquala Lyons, MaRyia Bass-Maynor, Chunmei Yao, Leah Quick, Lyndon Bullard, Kelley Koch, Andrew Reese, Drew Richards, Okoye Whittington, Mark Gogal, Labretta McBryde, Keith Oxendine, Trudy Anderson, Melissa Gainey, Willis Glassgow, Billy Hunt, Celestine Hunt, Kelvin Jacobs and Damon Richardson.

10 Years

Employees acknowledged for ten yrs of service are: Jasmine Coleman, Tammy Little, Audria Cummings, April Schmitz, Wesley Frazier, Michael Pruitt, Amanda Spayd, LaRhonda Darnell, Samuel Graham, Tonya Baxley and Nicole Snipes,

15 Years: Employees acknowledged for 15 yrs of service are: Alesia Cummings, Dwayne Harris, Saprina Oxendine, Paula Cummings, Sherry Probability, Frances Fields, Andrea Department-Jacobs, Karen Miller, Bernice Oxendine, Amy Oxendine, Loria Huggins, Carla Jones, Janice Brown, Crystal Oxendine, Mary Baynes, Frances Hunt, Ala Locklear and Stan Locklear.

20 Years

Employees acknowledged for 20 yrs of service are: Stephen Brooks, Takisha Bullard, Leanie Lewis, Shannon Maynor, Penny Oxendine, Tony Chavis, Dinna Edgell, Luciana Hunt, Paul O’Neill, Greg Harris, Bridget Jones, Ronald Locklear, Teresa Bryant, Sherlene Chavis, Brenda Bullard, Francis Hunt and Sean Breeden.

25 Years:

Employees acknowledged for 25 yrs of service are: Carolyn Oxendine, Diane Locklear, Lisa Mitchell, Kevin Pait, Karen Swiney, Pecouse Lucas, Penny Locklear and Katina Blue.

30 Years:

Employees acknowledged for 30 yrs of service are: Jennifer Carter, Tela Brooks, John Hays and Gloria Hunt.

35 Years:

Recognized for 35 yrs of service was Interim Provost Zoe Locklear.


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