Multiple Cars Hit Same Hole iIn An Illinois Construction Zone


Multiple Cars Hit Same Hole iIn An Illinois Construction Zone

It is Fall in Illinois Which suggests it is enchancment season in Illinois and enchancment season in Illinois Is Sort of A type of actuality reveals that occurs twice a yr.

It Appears Choose it’s On A daily basis occurring.

Tright here Seems to be A critical troublesome spot for drivers shut to the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Perryville Road in Rockford, Illinois.

I witnessed the aftermath of A woman getting her SUV caught in an unfortunate place, deep inside a hole in a marked enchancment zone. I assumed, “Ugh, that has to suck and be super embarrassing.”

I furtherly questioned how typically factors like that happen. Apparently, it’s Greater than You’d possibly assume.

This very state of affairs occurred To 2 extra people On The exact similar spot.

“🎵Beset off you HAD A nasty DAY🎶”

Two factors are evident Inside the photograph above, The driving strain and his car are each having a dangerous day. However, this particular driver Isn’t alone, tright here was one other.

How does this happen? It is actually in The Very similar space As a Outcome of the photograph above As properly as to wright here I noticed A woman get her car caught.


Yeah, not even kidding.

This is a video of A third one The Very similar day and The two above.

Critically, What Goes on on? Is that this intersection poorly marked? Wouldn’t It is loopy To imagine the circumstances as to how these automobiles hit the holes are All of the identical?

I Wantn’t accuse anyone of distracted driving Since the reply Is not evident but tright here Want to be a set off. Who’s Responsible right here?

One factor Is Needless to say, pay further shut consideration in all enchancment zones.

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