The BLM seeks public input after construction damaged some of Mill Canyon’s dinosaur tracks – KUER 90.1


The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trackwebsite shut to Moab is house to Greater than 200 dinosaur tracks. The prints crisscrossing the rock are 112 million yrs previous And are out there from A minimal of 10 completely different prehistoric creatures.

Earlier this yr, enchancment damaged A pair of of these useful tracks. Now, the Bureau of Land Administration wants public enter earlier than They start the work up as quickly as extra.

The world Is Amongst The numerous Most very important Early Cretaceous trackwebsites On the earth. Do You’d like to jumped in a time machine, you’d Uncover a mud flat the place a shallow lake was drying up. Seed ferns and conifers grew shut toby. Dromaeosaurs, theropods, prolonged-necked herbivorous dinosaurs and crocodiles roamed the space.

A layer of lime mud and algae made An excellent floor To grab footprints. After tracks have been made, extra sediment was depowebsited on prime, so there are tracks layered on prime Of every completely different.

The tracks have beenn’t made on The identical day, however All of the fossils are very fragile. Even strolling immediately on the tracks can damage them, which is why a boardstroll was put in To maintain visitors On the historic website off the prints.

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trackwebsite is found northwest of Moab, Utah.

On Jan. 25, 2022, the BLM started the eradicating of the boardstroll which it said was warped and launched a critical tripping hazard. Changing it was Important to shield the tracks and visitors.

However, people have been involved as quickly as enchancment started.

Artist Brian Engh and conservationist Jeremey Roberts posted a collection of tweets depicting the damage they noticed.

After public outcry relating to the enterprise On the trackwebsite, the Center for Organic Variety despatched a cease and desist letter telling the BLM to sprime work immediately.

Typically, The middle works To save tons of dwelling species, said Good Basin Director Patrick Donnelly. But his group noticed this as such an apparent event of the BLM misusing assets thOn they felt The Have to intervene.

“The distinctive environmental evaluation was A completely perfunctory doc,” Donnelly said. “That they had no professional involvement and the Outcome was predictable. It was a disaster.”

The BLM listened to the calls to sprime enchancment. It shut down the enterprise on Jan. 31, after solely two days Of labor, and requested a paleontological evaluation.

After a month of gathering and evaluating pictures, notes and observations, BLM Regional Paleontologist Brent H. Breithaupt launched that evaluation.

In his report, Breithaupt concludes that “damage to the tracks and traces As a Outcome of The outcomes of impacts from enchancment actions seems minor. Sadly, little Might be carried out To revive damaged or eroded tracks left uncovered.”

He additionally said small microfractures might have shaped As a Outcome of of weight of the equipment on The state of affairs, so the pure degradation of the tracks Might Even be quickened.

The evaluation outlines ideas for the continuation of the enterprise. Definitely one of them is to ask for public enter, So as That is whOn the BLM is doing now .

Nicollee Gaddis-Wyatt, The sector supervisor On the BLM’s Moab office, said people raised considerations thOn The state of affairs’s entry route had tracks and fossils on it.

“Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that that entry route had been used To assemble the unique boardstroll, By way of the yrs dust had moved and extra tracks have been uncovered,” She said.

The BLM has now marked three alternate entry routes and is asking The general public for enter.

“We’ve recognized what We anticipate impacts Might Even be,” Gaddis-Wyatt said, “and if there are completely different impacts, then we’d Want to know.”

Ancompletely different suggestion the BLM is following is getting a paleontological professional on website.

Gaddis-Wyatt said the Canyon County District doesn’t have a paleontologist on its staff, so it uniquely had its geologist go to the trackwebsite and survey the space Instead. The geologist was Alleged to flag spaces to maintain away from, However the enterprise started earlier than she was In a place to.

“That’s someskinnyg we’re going to be doing in A particular method. We’re going to have a paleontologist from ancompletely different district come out And actually be on-website from day one,” Gaddis-Wyatt said.

The public additionally raised considerations about concrete being poured on the trackwebsite To assemble The mannequin new boardstroll. Gaddis-Wyatt said concrete Will not be poured on the tracks themselves. Instead, a raised boardstroll Shall be assembleed with metallic footing and A skinny layer of concrete on prime.

Written feedagain To current feedagain on this enterprise are open till July 26. The BLM hopes to open the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trackwebsite to The general public as quickly as extra Wiskinny The autumn.


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