Who is profiting off the new construction?


Who is profiting off the new construction?

As you drive round Sandpoint you see lots of Of latest houses being constructed And a lot of new house buildings being constructed. Who’s going to stay in all Of these new houses and flats. Are tright here that many new people shifting into Sandpoint? The worth Of these new houses and the month-to-month lease for all Of these new flats Shall be very troublesome for native people to afford based mostly on The curlease native wages being paid to most working people right here in Sandpoint.

I might Want to know what native Sandpoint authorities entity And completely diffelease people officers who work tright here accredited all of this new enchancment?

As quickly as I moved to Sandpoint in 1999 You Can buy a house for beneath $100,000. Have issues modified that a lot in 23 years? I do not assume so, as I truthfully think about some Individuals are pocketing Some large money with all of this new enchancment of houses and house buildings now being constructed.